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Ok so this might be a stupid question but figure Id ask anyway. Ive been mesing with these things so Id like to think I know a lil something:)

Ive a variety of engines and parts and vehicles and mounting hardware and when something breaks i usually make sure im using the correct hdw to replace but sometimes you just grab the quiclest thing that looks like it would fit. I say that to say I installed a clutch after the original one broke. literally the shoe broke off and started clanking around in there and the engine shutoff. took it home and broke it down and found the one of the clutcjh shoes just had a piece broken off. Anyways being that I have spare engines around i took a clutch off another engine and slapped it on there. At first i dnt think it seemed correctly fitted but i cant remeber if that leaf washer is supposed to be completeley tightened down until flat or if its supposed to have some room left.

Can anyone confirm this? I also seemed to notice there are slight differences in some of the mounting hdw that can make a huge difference in the way the clutch operates (good and bad). From the mounting bolts (length, width, depth of the non threaded section on the bolt, etc.). It seems when i mounted the other clutch on there was room left where the leaf washer is but i could not tighten anymore because the non threaded area stopped me from tightening it anymore. So anyways ran it like that fine for a couple days but then noticed a clanking sound and engine would rev but not go anywhere. Took it appart everyhting looked ok (no broken parts) except that the clutch shoes were now loose as in not secure. The spring was still intact and connected though.

Any help is appreciated.
So is leaf washer supposed to be tightened all the way down until flattened? And if its flattened im guessing it needs to be replace each and everytime the clutch is replace then. And does that go on on the inside or the outside? Just for confirmation Ive always mounted it on the outside furthest away from engine.

Thanks (Please Excuse the lengthy expalnbation)

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