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Brand new out of box XT will not run


New Member
these engines are not finiky to start like nitro cars are. these 2 stroke engine are usually really easy to start. I have a 990 chokeless carb on my rampage mt and it starts within 3 to 4 pulls
I do about 2 pulls and mine fired up every time


Well-Known Member
I paid $580 for this lemon. It ran for 10 minutes, followed instructions to a T, contacted redcat, had them walk me through adjusting the carb, still will not start. Has been 2 days of me trying to get it to run. It jumped to life once, engine cranked all the way to max rpms and then died. Have had the truck for 3 days and its a complete waste of my money. I have worked on many other engines and have always gotten them to work. I firmly believe that this truck is defective from the factory and would love it for Redcat to honor the warranty and either fix it, or send out a new one. Will be calling them on Monday because I am out of options. Very disappointed. Its brand spanking new, I should not have these problems.
My first fifth scale was a Redcar Rampage XR. And out of the box, the engine NEVER started. I sent the engine back to Redcat racing. They sent it back, as fixed. Still it never started. I took it to a two-stroke "expert" at my local hobby shop. He called me, eventually, told me he got it started. When I arrived he took it out onto the parking lot, and he couldn't start it again. I paid him for all of his efforts and invested in a new Zenoah G290 engine that worked. You win some you lose some.

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