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Best direct fit steering servos


New Member
I have a rampage mt thata only 2 months old and im going on my 3rd set of steering servos already. I don't bash very hard and still they grind away after awhile. I have burned up the stock engine too. This thing is kinda a pos so far. New engine all broke in again. Are there any direct bolt in servos i can upgrade to without mods or changing to lipos?


Active Member
On Amazon there's a 70kg servo for under $60. I put 1 in my xt. THO, it's slightly bigger than the 20kg stock servo. I had to remove the servo mount "adapter" in the servo case. Its a 8.4v, 70kg (.900 oz/in torque, .12 speed).

Any other 5th scale anything I buy WILL have 1 of these for steering.

Also, I put the 35kg crawler servo in mine for throttle. Way more torque & speed than needed, but anything beats the 15kg stock throttle servo!


Junior Member
There are no true direct fit servos for the Rampage MT. The size of the stock servo is oddly shaped and sized. I would start looking at your servo saver first though. To go through three sets that quick something is wrong. Or the servos aren't synchronized properly? I had a hard time getting the servos to synchronize myself. I put two Hitec 5765 servos in it. Very hard time with them. Then realized I was getting voltage drops from using the two high amperage demanding servos. The receiver couldn't keep up with the dual servos on a Y connector. The only way around that is to send direct power and ground to each servo. Then just the signal wires going to the receiver. But I didn't want to run all that wiring. Went with a single Hillantronics Hercules servo. Bought the Futaba aluminum servo mount Redcat makes for bigger servos and installed a single servo saver. Been holding up good. I went through many many different configurations of servos that did not work well for me. This truck is very frustrating. But once it is fixed correctly it is awesome. The engine is junk too as you found out. Look into getting a quality Zenoah engine for it. I used a g320. Much better performance. Good luck man!!

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