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Bearings to fit the Redcat Rampage MT steering post.


Terre Haute Indiana
Bearings to fit the Redcat Rampage MT steering post.

I have been trying to find a way to get bearings to fit the Rampage MT stock steering post.

The stock steering post are 7mm OD (6.95 mm according to my digital caliper) by 56 mm (55.50 mm in length according to my digital caliper). And come with oil lite bushings (a.k.a. the brass bearings) which measure 7 mm ID by 10 mm OD by 4 mm in length.

The only bearings I could find measured 6x10x3mm which doesn’t fit the stock steering post.

The first thing I tried I ordered some aluminum post from McMaster-Carr. I ordered some Aluminum Unthreaded Spacers 6 mm OD by 51 mm in length and taped with a M4 tap not quite long enough tried some spacers to make them long enough but they keep coming loose on the bottom when putting in the top 4 mm screws (and yes blue lock tight was used). Then I ordered the Redcat 07142 Buffer Post which fit the chimera rampage and the rampage XT. The steering post that measured 6 mm OD by 50 mm in length tried them and ran into the same problem with the Aluminum Unthreaded Spacers. I finally ordered some stock steering post when they were finally in stock from Redcat didn’t have access to a metal lave to turn down the post to 6 mm (the actual size 5.96 mm according to my digital caliper). I used the drill press at work and I used 80 grit sandpaper to turn down the steering post which took 4 hours to do making sure not to get the post to hot and occasionally checking the fit for the bearings. Got the bearings to fit the stock steering post steering is really good and smooth on the Rampage MT. I haven’t had a chance to run the truck and really check out the steering do to very cold weather here in Indiana. I just wanted to share this to let people know with some work bearings can fit the stock steering post.


Well-Known Member
Ok. Sounds like you put a lot of effort in this project. Thanks for this info and hope it works for you.

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