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Battery Pack charging issue...


Senior Member
St. Cloud, FL USA
Hi Guys. I have a venom 5 cell 5000mah hump pack for my XT. I just got it maybe a month ago. I used to charge it @ 4amp rate but then after like the

5th charge, I noticed it was making light sizzling noises and getting real hot. :eek: So, I immediately disconnected it and put it in the freezer to cool off. I then ran it for about an hour and it was fine. The next time I changed charge rate to 2amps and while charging for a while, it started to make sizzle noises again but very softly and it was just warm. I disconnected and cooled it down and ran it some time and it was ok. :confused: I really hope I didn't ruin the battery. Should I charge it @ 1amp to be safe and just remove it before it gets too warm? Or is this normal, sizzling? I'm using a dynamite peak charger, nothing special, its old but works. Thanks in advance.

BTW, all this happens before it beeps to indicate full charge
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