Anybody have this part for sale?


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Hi I’m looking for the Redcat rampage xt/xb aluminum v1 front spindles that take the 19mm bearings,I bought a whole kit from fast eddy and it comes with 19 bearings and everywhere I’ve looked this part is back order or out of stock,Redcat doesn't even show the anymore and the rampage shop heard they got discontinued,I know I can buy the v2 spindles but they take the bigger bearings and I was just hoping to keep all the wheels with 19mm bearings since I have so many of them and fast eddy needs to update his kit because 2015 and newer the trucks stearted using all v2 gear plates which the bearings are bigger also and his kit doesn’t have those in it either but if anybody has the aluminum v1 front spindles I will buy them from you ASAP if you wana sell them,7075rc’s are just too expensive $140 for just the front,thanks guys

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