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4WD not working


OK 5 tanks in and the left front CVA lost a pin. Have a replacement CVA on order. Could not find the pin. But only noticed because the front wheels weren't doing anything. I checked the 2 grub screws on the half shaft between the middle of the truck and the front diff. and the one wheel that is still hooked up doesn't turn when hitting the gas on a bucket. Does it need both CVA's in the has the diff work correctly? I read through post here, and am lost on things to check. It all turns correctly and seems locked with the truck turned off and rolling on the ground.

DId already have to tighten the grub on the drive gears under the while plastic case. Sorry about not using the tech terms, I used to be big into RC and this is my first one back after years out. Finally got a 1/5 scale after YEARS of wanting one. Since the Baja FIRST came out. I love the truck and had a smile from ear to ear the whole time. Thank you for your time and feedback.

Also what screws should i go through and locktite? just all the grub screws in the drive train and CVA's? and exhaust as the long back bolts that run through the black parts and into the engine worked themselves loose yesterday.


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