2 important build tips for all models of Rampage


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Hello everyone. I bought a Chimera XR about a month ago and the first thing I did was completely disassemble the vehicle and locktited all screws that threaded into metal but that is not the tip.

Tip 1.
When tightening the 3 nuts that hold the gears in place on transmission, do not over tighten the nuts. When I was done tightening all the fasteners on my Chimera, I noticed it would not roll. After I did some research on this forum I found info about this important fact. Just snug nuts down till theres no play in gears and make sure you loctite the nuts.

Tip 2.
After I was done reassembling the vehicle it would not start. After troubleshooting car I found I had no spark. Spark plug was not fouled and I was getting fuel so I thought maybe bad coil. Again I did some research here on this forum and saw several people make comments about making sure the coil was properly gapped. Well when I assembled my car, I just bolted on the coil and didn't gap it. I went in and gapped and it started right up.

I made this thread because although I saw these problems mentioned, I did not see a thread specifically devoted to these important facts. These tips are for all gas power Rampages as far as I know. Hope this can help anyone out there

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