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  1. C

    walbro WT-990 or WT-1107

    I am looking into doing a carburetor in my Rampage XB and Rampage MT. I see the Walbro WT-990 which has no choke and I see the Walbro WT-1107 which says in the specs: This is the stock carburetor used for the G320RC engine, and will also work on other Zenoah/CY engine applications. Carburetor...
  2. D

    Walbro 990 carb needle settings and tuning advice

    I just ordered a Walbro 990 carb. I figured I'd ask what the needle setting should be to start tuning from since I doubt they will be right when it arrives in the mail. Also I have read do a high speed pass and then shut the engine off and check the plug to see if it's a brown paper bag...