1. S

    XT Rear Wheel Drive Loss HELP!

    Hey guys. So I know there is another thred about this with another guy, but I'm thinking my situation is different. So I was out running my Rampage XT last night, and I lost RWD. Meaning, only my front wheels are spinning. Now that I say this, the Rear wheels are trying to catch. I've taken some...
  2. W

    Mt wheels and tires

    How hard would it be to replace the rims on the stock mt tires? Also is there anywhere you can buy just the beadlocks for the mt wheels?
  3. F

    Wheel Adapters needed?

    Got a question Why is everyone buying the wheel adapters? See below the picture of the wheel hexes that came on my Chimera EP Pro I just picked up. It looks like a standard 24mm hex, no?
  4. D

    Three wheel motion

    I was just curious if I broke a diff cup while romping my Chimera, could i just pull the dog bone out and keep romping? Considering it is 4 wheel drive. Not sure if it would put any stress on the differential, only spinning one tire . I don't plan on doing this a lot, i was just thinking if i...
  5. T

    SOLD / FOUND iso! shredder sc wheels

    I'm looking for a cheap set of shredder sc wheels and tires for a project thanx. I'm in pa.
  6. J

    Baja wheels and tires on a Dunerunner question

    So I want to buy 2 sets of Vertigo 8mm extended hub adapters from DDM and run Pro-Line Desperado wheels on my dunerunner. But Im a bit confused. which baja wheels should I buy? 5b front and rears? or 2 sets of front? 2 sets of rears? I plan on buying from DDM so if you could post a links to...
  7. T

    24mm wheel adaptors for Chimera?

    Does anyone have any experience with these from Vertigo? http://www.vertigoperformance.com/~vertigo6/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=40&products_id=269
  8. mvaughn12

    Question On Wheels

    Will these wheels fit the chimera or do I need adapters? They are 24mm http://www.ebay.com/itm/360861120171
  9. W

    Only front wheeldrive?

    For some reason the rear wheels wont pull. they just stopped on the third tank, I noticed it. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. P

    Team FastEddy wheel shims

    Has anyone used these? I was wondering if they would fit and fix this problem? I could not find the ID and OD anywhere for those shims...just the thickness of them. So I am not sure if those would be compatible with our trucks?...Rampage MT Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank...
  11. C

    Tire and Wheel Balancing

    I want to check the balance of my wheels without the tires and foams. I had to use 1 1/2 oz to get one of my tires to balance and down to only an 1/8 oz on other wheels. Started with the heavy wheel. Beadlocks came off easy and tire flexes off the locking slot ok. Looking at the foam around...
  12. P

    Vertigo wheel adapters

    After installing these adapters with my new wheels, I notice that there is a little bit of slop when I pick one side up and wiggle the wheel in and out. It did not have this with the stock hubs/wheels on. I would say about .5-1mm in play. Is this amount okay, or should I try to get some shims on...
  13. P


    Anyone use this wheel/tire combo? I know that many like the Proline trenchers, but was curious if anyone has used these or heard anything about them? Any better combos out there? I like how they are still close to the same height as the stock MT wheels/tires, but about half the width, which I...
  14. N

    XT front left wheel locked up. Need parts

    Needs to be a chassis section on this forum... Well, enjoyed the XT for another 20 min the other day before the left front wheel locked up. After taking it apart just now, looks like the left front driveshaft pin through the shaft itself somehow locked up inside the cup, thus breaking the cup...
  15. J

    SOLD / FOUND wanted to buy 2 wheel adapter's read discription

    I bout a used truck to pull off the upgrades on it and out on mine it had several. came with baja tires and a belt drive. I discovered it was not wheel adapters. He put the actaul baja hub carrier and baja axles on. I was stumped why the front end could not be aligned. They for just fine on the...
  16. R

    DuneRunner / TT Wheels Mounted on Chimera

    I think it looks pretty good. Not sure if the wheel nuts will stay on though What say you? http://www.rampageshop.com/3/post/2014/04/dunerunner-tt-wheels-tires-rampage-xb-chimera.html
  17. O

    wheel nut

    I hope im in the correct spot I have a rampage xsc I lost a wheel nut I cant find singles for sale can someone point me in the correct direction please......thx
  18. C

    Looking for new wheels

    My buddy is looking for some new wheels, I told him to get the 24mm wheel adapters from RC Dad. But wasn't sure if it was right. That what I did for my MT. Can someone let me know. My buddy is killing me, I told him join so he can get these questions answered. Thanks
  19. BertR

    lightened flywheel

    When they say its a lightened flywheel... How many grams of material has been removed on the standard lightened wheel.
  20. J

    Need wheel nuts.. Will 5B nuts work?

    Put my new V3 MT to work for the first time and got 5-10min out of her.. Smh. My mistake though. The front right wheel flew off! I installed the lug nut backwards with the rough edge out.. Duh! I was a lil too excited! So now I'm shopping for a set and my lhs "don't do redcat" go figure. Any...