1. M

    Red Cat MT Steering servos flickering, wont turn wheels

    Anyone familiar with this problem? I was driving and it stopped turning left but would turn right. When I tried turning left, it just flickered and now it does it both when trying to turn left and right
  2. C

    Fly wheel

    I was rebuilding my engine and noticed the flywheel and coil gap is not even as i turn the fly wheel is this normal or is something out of whack. Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk
  3. H


    anyone know where I can get a wheel/tire balancer for a redcat rampage mt v3?
  4. D

    wheel hex adapters for xb-e

    hello everybody. made 8s conversion for my xb-e , bought wheel adapters http://kershawdesigns.com/Redcat-24mmHubs.htm (those for 10mm axles) for wheels with 24mm hexes. put x-maxx 200*100mm wheels and made ride. the problem is that wheel adapters can not be fixed good on axles by grub...
  5. C

    Small pin - wheel mount hex

    Anyone have any tips on how to remove the small pin in the attached pic? I tried briefly but couldn't seem to get it to move. I didn't try to hard cause I didn't want to make it more difficult than it needs to be. Figured I ask some of the veterans. Thanks.
  6. C

    Redcat Rampage XT-E (would like to make it wheelie)

    New owner here. I love the truck, but want to make this machine wheelie from a stop. Couple questions: 1. Will better Lipos (higher C rating) accomplish this with added punch and timing on the stock motor? I'm not sure what the factory pinion size it, but maybe a smaller pinion (one or two...
  7. A

    Right rear wheel bolt XT

    I need some help, I have a XT and for reason the right rear wheel bolt, the bolt that holds the wheel on keeps coming off no matter how tight i put it on? Any ideas on why it loosens and comes off? Adam
  8. X

    Will Chimera Wheels Fit Rampage MT?

    Does anyone know if Chimera wheels or XSC wheels fit my rampage MT with no issues? Thanks in advance, Chimera XSC
  9. S

    Can you make an MT wheelie?

    Simple question can you make one of these things wheelie? Anyone have one that does and if so what does it take?
  10. Phill

    23mm wheels

    http://www.rovanrc.com/wheels-tires/heavy-duty-nylon-10-spoke-rims-23mm-hex/ I found these on another forum but haven't tried em. Says you can fit HPI tyres and the wheels fit Redcat
  11. S

    Lighter weight wheels/tires for MT

    While I know the wheels/tires are what set this RC off they sure are damn heavy and kill performance. Is there anything out there noticeably lighter but similar in size to the stock setup?
  12. N

    chimera wheels and tires on XT?

    does anyone know if the chimera wheels and tires will fit right onto an XT? thanks
  13. Ice_2k

    Fixing wheels wobble

    Is there any way to fix the way the wheels slightly wobble from left to right?
  14. S

    stock Mt tires and wheels flop around??

    Noticed that the wheels flop around on the hubs and can't see where shims will help. Also has anyone tried taping the inside of the tires to lessen balloning.
  15. A

    Baja wheels and tires on a TT?

    Do the Baja hex hubs fit straight on or do I need to drill anything out?
  16. Ice_2k

    Closed wheels body

    Is there a body available for the Dunerunner that covers the wheels? The only track in my area is only for onroad vehicles and they won't let me use the DR because of the open wheels.
  17. F

    xtc wheel adapters

    I got the XTC RAMTech-RC wheel adapters for my Redcat XB-E. I can now use Baja 5b wheels w/24mm hex :) the set came with 4 O-rings and I am unable to find any reference as to where to put them. Help
  18. C

    Chimera tires and wheels

    I just got a used Chimera EP. I know adapters are available for running HPI wheels and tires. I don't want to get wheels and tires too large because on the EP heat is a factor. And I don't want to be locked into the proprietary tires and wheels that Red Cat uses. Are the 7075 front end...
  19. S

    SOLD / FOUND xt wheels

    I'm looking for some xt wheels. When I got my truck one rim was cracked and redcat is being a bitch about it. Anybody got some they wanna sell?
  20. I

    Wheel balancing, huge differense

    I set my MT on stand and apply throttle , it was vibrating so much, that i thought it will destroy whole chassis. Than i balanced wheels and checked again, i was very excited, there was almost no vibration at all. I used auto wheel balancer weight, got from balancer shop, couple of dollars...