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  1. J

    Proline badland mx43

    Have found a great deal on a complete set of Proline Badland mx43's. I also have the Ramtech wheel adapters. How would this hook up on the XT platform? Any mods? Or pretty much a direct fit?
  2. O

    Lighter wheels and tires for rampage mtv3

    Wanting to get a lighter tire and wheel for rampage mtv3 any one have any suggestions thanks
  3. H

    Bigger Xt Wheels without conversion

    Are there any wheels to fit the xt I need bigger wheels..somebody help me out..I don't want to bother with converting.
  4. Kevin's xb


    Can't find any all-terrain tires that fit the xb rim. Does any one know of any tires that are any better than factorys b.c. they only lasted 2 weeks from first stay and I'm not a crazy driver. But anyways HELP from the xb family. Any tire I will take any answers at this point.
  5. J

    Aftermarket wheels/tires for rampage mt

    hello everyone, my question revolves around my MT, I want to change the wheels and tires on it, I’d like to stay aggresssive with the tread pattern but just shred some of the weight of the stock setup. Is there anything out there that will bolt right on and if not what modifications need to be...
  6. Petrolheadz100

    On road wheels?? Where to purchase from

    Looking to purchase a set of on road wheels where would be a good place to start looking? Noticed the stock wheels have quite a but of wear from only breaking in the motor, nothing hard.....any help would be appreciated
  7. G-Man

    MT Wheels and Tires

  8. D

    Rampage MT tires and wheels

    i bought a new set of tires and wheels for my MT. The new wheels are 24mm hex....My question is are there any wheels out there possibly that are 24mm hex that will fit the stock tires on the MT. i don't really want a set of tires i cant use...im not swapping hubs back an forth
  9. M

    Smaller front wheels on the MT?

    Was thinking about putting on smaller wheels, use the charger body, make it look more lean and mean. Any thoughts on smaller front wheels? Also, I think smaller front wheels will make it easier on the steering servos, with less stress. Any low profile file knobby tires designed to fit the MT?
  10. M

    Smaller wheels for the rampage MT?

    What is a good wheel to use that is smaller for the MT? Smaller wheels, less stress on steering servos.
  11. MSLR

    Running Hpi 5b rear wheels

    Hi all I am after information / comments on running hpi 5b rear wheels on the front and rear on my xbe. Currently I have been running with the standard xbe wheels on a 8s ( hobbywing max 5 200amp/ toro beast 910kv ) set up using a 12t pinion with my motor temps running at 50 degrees. My...
  12. GJB56

    MT wheel hub replacement pin

    I see that DDM sells a pair of hubs but I just need the pin. I think they are 5/32 x 7/8 or 4mm x 21.7mm. Has anyone been through this and steer me to a site? Gary
  13. D

    Rampage mt wheels adapter?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/HPI-1-5-Baja-5B-Gas-24mm-ALUMINUM-WHEEL-HEX-HUBS-NUTS-STEEL-PINS-Gun-Metal-/371589029122?hash=item56846e9d02:g:d6sAAOSw6wRW~aBC Would these adapter fit my rampage mt so i can use a wider selection of tire from hpi tires etc..? thanks
  14. MSLR

    Wheels and tyres

    Hi all I am looking at replacing my tyres on my standard wheels on my XBE. My question is are there any tyres and better foams I can use ? Also what other wheels are out there that will fit the standard square hubs and are the similar size I have read the fg wheels will fit with a bit of...
  15. S

    Wheel nut very hot after run

    I was running my XT-E and after a few minutes a front wheel flew off. Never found the nut, but while I was checking it out I went to check the other nuts and the passenger side rear nut was so hot it burnt my hand on contact. The rear dog one was pretty hot too. I haven't torn into it yet, but...
  16. V

    wheel Adapters

    just got my new rally ep today and have two questions. can i run 4743 Mounted Tarmac Buster on the rally? and i saw somewhere that you need to run 4 rear tires. and does anybody make a diff body for the really? i'm looking for a drift car or old muscle car body. i don't care for the body and the...
  17. audiobranz

    Custom Wheel adapters

    Does anyone make/sell wheel adapters for a rampage mt i'm not sure of my truck hub size?? 23mm i'm looking to put traxxas summit 19mm wheels
  18. strodedawg

    wheel scrapers/mud guards on rea arms

    i am trying to make a pair of these for my xbe, not sure what material to make them out of. thick lexan maybe? any suggections would be helpful. would require drilling 2 holes in he arm for securing it i assume
  19. R

    Wheels keep falling off!?

    I have a rampage xt pro. The rear wheel nuts keep loosening up and the tire falls off. It has the 24 mm hubs and nuts. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?
  20. R

    Wheels keep falling off!?

    I have a rampage xt pro and the rear wheel nuts keep loosening after a good ten minutes of running. It's funny to watch the wheel take off without the truck but getting annoying and starting to jack up the inside of the wheel. Any ideas?