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  1. Gigawatts2

    First 1/5 scale desert buggy to hydroplane

  2. C

    Oh it's been a while...

    Hey everyone, I finally replaced some wheel bearing and a pin in the front CVDs. The DemonRC two speed transmission still working as good as day one. Thought I'd upload a little video from the other day.
  3. D

    Rampage mt vs FG 4X4 truck! Enjoy!

  4. R

    MT PRO ATV Video

    Check this out. Not much but you can see it tearing it up a little at the local ball field. http://youtu.be/UmpK9F6IlfQ
  5. A

    Just a video of my old Redcat Rampage MT

    Very short but I do miss it.
  6. T

    updated video

  7. T

    long awaited video .. possibly the worlds fastest redcat mt

  8. designed2survive

    Anyone on here at this meet in Mass? (video of meet linked)

    Anyone on here at this meet (video) in Mass? Would be great to know so we can join.
  9. W

    Found a video of a Chimera racing a DBXL, just shows how underrated

    Found a video of a Chimera racing a DBXL, just shows how underrated the Chimera actually is... I think the lower CG and flatter tyres are allowing it to corner better. The Chimera looses are the end after having lead the majority but driver error is to blame
  10. P

    Quick running video of my MT

  11. R

    Project Blackout: Brushless Conversion

    Since seeing a few of these on YouTube, and with how much I like this truck in its petrol form I knew that I had to have one so I've bought all the major components over the last few months and decided to do a build thread to track my progress. So the plan is.... Take one of these...
  12. phreerider

    QUASI GO POLE video asphalt action

  13. phreerider

    QUASIMOTO XB ramp bash VIDEO

    at the ATV park bash bashing away the day, decent ramp framing with airs https://vimeo.com/114279066
  14. phreerider

    QUASI bash gas hog rip VIDEO

    always forget the vid section , but its where folks like to look heres QUASImoto @ bignasty ATV park https://vimeo.com/110325439
  15. S

    Losi 5ive Mini Video

    So did you guys see the vid? 2000$ maybe a lot but this thing is awesome. http://youtu.be/_V87SSKecvM
  16. C

    Testing new track. Video

    Just testing out the layout and jumps. I think I will build another roller in front of the small table top so you can either roll both of them, roll the roller and jump the table, or jump the roller and land on the table. :rolleyes: I'm happy with the bottom turn. Just need to add all the...
  17. C

    How to upload video?

    Did a "search" and found nothing, and tried to upload a video to Photobucket, but it failed. How do you guys upload your videos?
  18. J

    Here's a real video of what the Chimera ep pro can take

    Putting it through some real bashing, I couldn't find a video like this before I bought it. I was wondering what kind of stress it could take. I was impressed.
  19. R

    Rampage MT vs XT Size Comparo Video

    Wondering the difference between a Rampage MT and a Rampage XT? Redcat has created a video that shows how they compare in size: http://www.rampageshop.com/3/post/2014/04/rampage-mt-vs-rampage-xt-size-comparo.html I put a few screen captures and notations in the post as well so you can skip...
  20. C

    Video from phone

    Is there a way to upload video from your phone. I noticed most of video come from YouTube, so I'm assuming you have to upload it there first. Not sure so if anyone can help, it's appreciated.