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  1. D

    Upgrade Aluminum Gear Mount

    I hope this is money well spent :D
  2. R

    30cc top end upgrade

    I am trying verify that I can use my stock crank with this head upgrade. I have the 30cc motor that came stock on it. http://www.davesmotors.com/esp-mod-esp-championship-ported-gp290-36mm-kit-2mm.html The redcat has a 30 mm crank stock right?
  3. J

    MT reassembled after more upgrades

    I got the MT put back together with upgrades that include tuned pipe, Baja wheel and tire combo, MCD axles with Baja boots, aluminum diff housings, and all the blue stripped off aluminum parts.
  4. Ice_2k

    Upgrades 4 dummies

    Hi guys, I'm the soon-to-be proud owner of a 32cc Dunerunner (I should get it around february 20th, thanks Rob for hooking me up :D ). I am not new to R/C but I am new to 5th scale and gas engines (actually any kind of termic engines, I only had electrics until now). I want to start...
  5. U

    Which Kswitch for stock transmitter or upgrade to flysky...

    Trough some research I've been made aware that some kill switches work more efficiently with 3 channel transmitters Should I upgrade or what would be the best killswitch for my MT with factory transmitter and RX.... The flysky GT3C can be had for a reasonable price.
  6. bbuzzard

    Buzzard's Beast upgrade

  7. M

    Servo Electronics Upgrade - Rampage XT

    Howdy everyone. This will be my first post to the forum. Plan to make this a common place to talk and ask about parts and troubleshooting. Just got off the phone with Redcat for the Steering Servo on my XT. After switching the wires around to make sure what the problem was, it was apparent...
  8. S

    Just a few new upgrades

    I purchased some upgrades couple of months ago. I have the intention to turn the car into the red color with a slightly ponographic theme. (Yes lol) -Irp rear upper link -FG bumper -red fuel lines -red braided cable -ada carb manifold -red receiver antenna -craftwerks ignition coil...
  9. G

    need upgrade for #50055

    I have snapped 3 now. its not the plastic that breaks its the steel shaft sorry its the rear camber link
  10. J

    Dunerunner BlingRunner Upgrade Build Complete! (for now......)

    Just wanted to share my Dunerunner build. Swapped out a lot of parts to make her more durable. Cost me an arm and a leg. But she sure does look the part now. Short of the 2 Speed I didn't have money left over for, Im pretty much done with her. Let me know what you guys think! List of mods...
  11. J

    First time bashing with new heavily upgraded DR.

    After breaking in (lol, mostly 3/4 to full throttle for 1 tank) and extensive upgrades and modding, I finally took out my new DR to do some therapeutic bashing! Car runs great! All of the upgrades below were well worth it. My time out was cut short due to the stupid plastic steering servo horn...
  12. J

    New Member, New Dunerunner, Need advice on upgrades!

    Hi guys. Im Joe. I got back into RC hobby a few months back. I used to have a bunch of on and off road cars 15 years ago, including 1/10, 1/8 and 1/4 scale models. Now I have a Traxxas Slayer Pro 4x4, and Im getting a Dunerunner in 4 days time. I've done a lot of reading on recommended...
  13. I

    Brake upgrade??

    Hi guys I have bought a dune runner and just want to know if there is a brake upgrade out there for one of these???
  14. C

    walbro WT-990 or WT-1107

    I am looking into doing a carburetor in my Rampage XB and Rampage MT. I see the Walbro WT-990 which has no choke and I see the Walbro WT-1107 which says in the specs: This is the stock carburetor used for the G320RC engine, and will also work on other Zenoah/CY engine applications. Carburetor...
  15. C

    upgraded 30cc cooling fan

    Do they make an upgraded cooling fan for these 30cc?
  16. C

    Had to upgrade the DBXL!!!

    My Bashing buddy Krashkrieg had me eating his dust last weekend at South Mountain. So I thought it was time to do some upgrades, so I can try and keep up. Bartolone silenced pipe 990 carburator G320 Zenoah
  17. C

    engine upgrade help....

    Thanks in advance..... I'm having engine overload. I'm looking at either getting a top half or a long block but there is a million different combinations and companies and not sure which to get. I'm looking for more torque since I have a MT. I'm currently running stock 30.5. I would...
  18. T

    Redcat dunner servo upgrade question

    Hey does anybody know a good upgrade steering servo i like how the baja turns i tired putting that in but wasnt a direct fit does anybody know a direct fit for the steering
  19. R

    Remote upgrade

    I'm going to upgrade all my electronics what is everyone using? I want a 4 channel
  20. S

    Stock Engine Upgrade for more Bhp

    So I was wondering, since I already installed a 8k spring with new clutch and lightened flywheel, what can I do next in order to get more bhps out of it? Does installing new Zenoah head help? Any upgraded engine parts for faster stroking and better compression? Maybe milling the stock engine...