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  1. rawb4291

    Weedwacker motor

    I know that these MT's have a weekwacker motor in them. having said that, could you take a weekwacker engine out of a weekwacker and use it? I'm just curious to see if you can do it.
  2. J

    Air cleaner for Dunerunner

    Looking on getting a new air cleaner. Looking on people's thoughts on types and or what to get. Please give some info on why the one you pick is better than others.
  3. WoodiE

    Recommended Rampage MT Upgrades

    If you're just getting a Rampage MT here are a few things you might want to consider buying to get started. The below items will increase performance, run time and durability - all of which equals more FUN! :) Required items for a new Rampage MT Fuel - Go to your local gas station. :D 4x AA...
  4. fordgtr06

    Servo Upgrades

    I know this has been covered in the past but I am new to 1/5 scale and was wondering if the Hitec HS-5765MH was still the best steering servo to put in the MT or is there another servo better suited for this truck? Also what throttle brake servo would you all recommend? Thanks in advance for...
  5. G-Man

    Rampage MT CVA Axle Upgrade

    I am having problems with the stock MT CVA Axles. They don't hold up at all on my rig. I have snapped the shaft, broke the pivot points, lost pins out of the pivot(which I have since resolved). My question is is there an upgraded axle to be used in the stockers place? I can't seem to find any info
  6. M

    Steering servo upgrade for the MT?

    Was wondering what is a better choice than the stock servos in the MT ? I thnk the gears are stripped in mine, or can I take apart the servos and upgrade the gears instead??
  7. B

    What are must have upgrades?

    Just ordered a Rampage MT electric conversion. Besides the motor what are the must have upgrades such as diffs, driveshafts, gears, shocks, etc?
  8. D

    Rampage differential upgrade

    Does anyone know if there's an upgrade for the rampage mt pinion and crown gear?
  9. H

    XT battery upgrade

    I have a build post going on in the projects section. About to order some new servos and im not sure what battery to get. What do you guys think? upgrading to 5645mg and 5765mh...
  10. C

    8K RPM clutch kit

    I am going to install this clutch on my Redcat Rampage MT v3. Looks to be a pretty straight forward install. Are there any surprises that I should be prepared for? Thanks.
  11. J

    Upgrade stock engine

    I am wondering if I can increase the displacement of my stock MT (30cc) by simply bolting on a larger top end. If I can, who is the stock engine manufacturer and what style (number of bolts)? Thanks!
  12. P

    Upgrade battery for xt

    Need recommendation for battery pack. Plan on adding led lights. Any suggestions
  13. R

    Carb upgrade

    I have a rampage xt that I bought slightly used and wish to upgrade the carburetor next. It has a jetpro pipe, lighter hpi wheels and racing air filter so far. I also have a 2 speed transmission that should arrive at my door in 4 days. Next I want to upgrade my carburetor and would like to hear...
  14. R

    air filter upgrade

    I was looking to upgrade my air filter. I was looking at the air filter systems on DDM website and got rather confused on the different systems they offer. Does anyone have a recommendation. I have a chimera with a stock 30cc engine. Thanks for the replies.
  15. B

    Upgrades for stock engine 30cc.

    Hi all, I have the stock engine, pretty sure it's the 30cc one. I wanted to know what upgrades I can do on it to give it a little more power without having to buy a new engine, seeing as I'm considering getting it rebuilt because it's leaking and I just don't have the time to do it myself...
  16. F

    New 32cc MT - Upgrade check

    Got a 32cc MT yesterday, didn't take it out of the box yet since its a gift.. SO Pumped for this thing. My first gas RC. Already got the Castor 927 on the way. Check this list from DDM for "first upgrades" before i run the truck and go through everything want to make sure i have little...
  17. GJB56

    Upgrade front lower suspension arm

    I need to replace one of the Front lower suspension arms (50004). Wondering if I should upgrade to aluminum. I read, but cannot find the post, that someone recommended staying with plastic. Appreciate all comments.
  18. T

    Should I upgrade the cluch or air filter?

    Whats a better upgrade for stock dunerunner the cluch or air filter I bought the jetpro pipe.
  19. M

    What to look out for / Upgrade from the off?

    Just managed to bag a ridiculously cheap Chimera SR up from ebay.. **IF** it turns up from china, :eek: :D What should I be looking out for / Be changing from the off? Diff oils ? Shock oils ? Driveshafts etc? Any major weakpoints to address? Not new to 1/5 scales, just never had a...
  20. J

    alm upgrade parts

    well ended last year with flipping my dune runner and breaking lower front suspension arm, and top dog bone. I will replace but not sure what would be the best choice. have a couple questions tho. 1 is the alm parts that much stronger 2 if I wreck it again will I just break another part...