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  1. G-Man

    Rampage MT with Slicks

    Bought some slicks for my MT. Honestly I've only ran this truck a half dozen times on road in the three years of owning it. So I figured if give it a go. This is a belt driven Zenoah g320 with an ESP race ported head and piston kit on it. 990 carb, angled shred stack ddm aluminum insulator and a...
  2. J

    Proline badland mx43

    Have found a great deal on a complete set of Proline Badland mx43's. I also have the Ramtech wheel adapters. How would this hook up on the XT platform? Any mods? Or pretty much a direct fit?
  3. O

    Lighter wheels and tires for rampage mtv3

    Wanting to get a lighter tire and wheel for rampage mtv3 any one have any suggestions thanks
  4. Kevin's xb


    Can't find any all-terrain tires that fit the xb rim. Does any one know of any tires that are any better than factorys b.c. they only lasted 2 weeks from first stay and I'm not a crazy driver. But anyways HELP from the xb family. Any tire I will take any answers at this point.
  5. J

    Aftermarket wheels/tires for rampage mt

    hello everyone, my question revolves around my MT, I want to change the wheels and tires on it, I’d like to stay aggresssive with the tread pattern but just shred some of the weight of the stock setup. Is there anything out there that will bolt right on and if not what modifications need to be...
  6. D

    Rampage XTE Gearing + Tires help

    Hi All, I super new here and judging by the title I have an XTE, but don't see much electric motor activity here - but I'll take a chance! Trying to gear-down the XTE I believe it has a 41T Spur & 11T pinion, and I know I can get an 9T pinion, but I also want to increase the tooth count on the...
  7. C

    Looking for good on-road / off-road tires for Rampage MT

    What are some good tires that are for on road and off road that will fit the mt
  8. G-Man

    MT Wheels and Tires

  9. Haroldbee

    Street tires for Rampage XR's?

    I'm an on-road RC-er, even though I own a Rampage XR Rally vehicle. Can anyone point me to a website that sells street tires? Slicks too, would be fantastic! Thanks, in anticipation. PEACE!
  10. R

    Rampage MT with mudslingers

    Hi guys new to the forum glad I finally joined looks like a lot of good people on here and great info Wondering if it's possible to mount a set of 40 series mudslingers on a set of 23mm weld racing rims and install them on a redcat rampage mt thinking if would allow if to be a little lighter...
  11. D

    Rampage MT tires and wheels

    i bought a new set of tires and wheels for my MT. The new wheels are 24mm hex....My question is are there any wheels out there possibly that are 24mm hex that will fit the stock tires on the MT. i don't really want a set of tires i cant use...im not swapping hubs back an forth
  12. TheBlackOnBlack

    Tire wobble bounce?

    Hello im new to the hobby and just got the MT last week and upon driving it i noticed a couple of my tires kind of bounce. Like its out of balance or out of round. It shakes like crazy once you get about half throttle or faster. At slower speeds you cant even see it. Is there anything i can do...
  13. B

    Street tires (concrete) for the MT?

    Hey again all!! I am looking for street tires for my MT. I seem to run way more on concrete vs dirt, etc. The concrete just eats the stock monster truck style tires FAST! I think I'll have to order a different ratio belt for the transmission as well... I think. (Right? I have the 1:1 belt...
  14. M

    Proline tires puzzled

    I got the proline bowtie tires for my dunerunner. The tires did not fit my rim so I got the matching rims for the tires. Now the rim doesn't match my wheel mounts on my dunerunner,the proline rims hex is bigger than my dunerunners wheel hex mount. I tried looking online for the right wheel mount...
  15. MSLR

    Wheels and tyres

    Hi all I am looking at replacing my tyres on my standard wheels on my XBE. My question is are there any tyres and better foams I can use ? Also what other wheels are out there that will fit the standard square hubs and are the similar size I have read the fg wheels will fit with a bit of...
  16. C

    Tire balancing 101 (stock MT tires)

    Quick question. For those of you running the stock tire/wheel set up, how much weight has it took to balance a tire? My first tire I've put about 1.5-2 ounces. Still working on the second tire but nut much difference.
  17. B

    HPI Tires

    Okay switching the Rally stock tires to HPI Tarmac tires yields a 4 mph increase at top end. Maybe more, car was last run and tuned in 35-40* weather today was 50 and windy. Car was running rich though and I didn't bring any tools:(. Prior top speed on the Rally was 36 mph with Jetpro and 990...
  18. C


    I bought the hpi adapters now looking for wheels and tires I have noticed that the front tires are not as wide as the back does anyone out there run there xb like that if so is it better than stock.
  19. audiobranz

    rc4wd 40 series tires

    Does anyone know if they would fit the stock redcat my rims or Baja 5b wheels
  20. B

    MT lightweight rims tires!!

    Hello anything new out there yet for lightweight rims and tires for the Redcat MT...ANYONE?