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  1. C

    Steering servo's for Rampage MT

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm wanting to upgrade my steering servo's after a melt down. Would Savox 2290's be a good choice? Thanks in advance.
  2. D

    Suggestions on decent steering servos?

    New to 1/5 scale and looking for suggestions on a decent steering servo.
  3. W

    Redcat Volcano Steering Problem

    Guys, I have a Redcat Volcano I’m trying to fix for my son. The steering barely moves when you turn the wheel on the control. The wheel itself is fine, rubber and all. The D/R knob makes no difference from 0-9. If I swap the throttle and steering plugs and channels, moving the throttle will...
  4. imaudi5000

    Are my steering servos burnt out?

    I know there are a ton of threads about steering servos, but I wanted to share a video of mine and see if anyone could tell me what actually happened. I noticed the steering was super slow and whining after a run a couple weeks ago and thought it was just a low rx battery (stock everything btw)...
  5. G-Man

    Single Steering Servo

    What's up guys. I have modded my MT to single servo steering awhile back. Initially I used the Spektrum s9020 at 7.4v. After stripping the top gearset three times, I finally got annoyed enough to try something new to me in this MT. I have tried probably four different combinations now. So I have...
  6. Petrolheadz100

    Steering link hitting diffcase when turning right?

    Besides shaving down the link is there another way to correct this turning issue on the steering link hitting the diffcase ? Redcat definately dropped the ball on this one? This cuts steering to the right by about 40% co pared to left turning. Anyone else have this issue ?
  7. Petrolheadz100

    Hitec d845 for single servo steering?

    At 6v the Hitec D845 servo puts out over 550oz torque. Anyone using one and know if it bolts in with no modification?
  8. Petrolheadz100

    Recommended steering servo for Chimera

    Looking to see what my options are for a upgraded steering servo from the stock hex fly that will screw right in with no mods
  9. T

    Rampage MT steering

    Hey guys, Got my Rampage MT, made it single serving with the single serving saver set up. There is a lot of slack in the steering, is this normal? Servo save is tight and both nuts are tight on the rod connecting the wheels together (maybe tie rod?) It keeps me from getting a good alignment with...