1. K

    more servo questions

    I have the rampage mt v3 . I'm switching to hitec 805mg servos. I bought the aluminum futaba servo mount, it came with 3 parts . The two end parts for the servo on the right side was easy. What is the 3rd part for and what do you do for the radio box side? Sorry if the answer is already here I...
  2. talunceford

    Throttle servo mount

    Just curious if you have considered this as a possibility. Possibly make one like the factory, but in aluminum, as to match the aluminum steering mount. Just thinking about everything that has broken on mine or I have replaced.
  3. audiobranz

    servo help 2

    I need to buy 3 servos 2 for streering & 1 for throttle/brake I'm looking at 2 waterproof savox servos part# SAVSW0240MG or SAVSW0241MG is that a good choice? I'm not sure what servo I'm getting for my throttle/brake any recommendations...thanks for any help I appreciate it
  4. R

    Adding dual steering servo on xt?

    Anyone know a good process or would like to share what they know to convert a xt to dual steering servo like the Mt has? I'm wanting to strengthen my steering, truck is faster now and turning is weak compared to the torque it puts out, wants to go straight when accelerating and not turn much...
  5. audiobranz

    servo help

    I need to buy 2 steering servos for my rampage mt. My question is I want to buy savox servo & spektrum receiver and transmitter. can I mix brands or does everything have to be the same brand?
  6. H

    Rampage mt v3 t/b servo

    Throttle servo does not work at all but if i install my steering servos in the throttle port on reciever it works the steering so i took servo for t/b apart and it smells if it has been very hot if servo is bad what should i replace it with on a low budget
  7. W

    Second steering servo to brake MT, is this normal?

    Now for second time the left side steering servo broke on my new MT, this time after 2 tank of fuel first time after 3 tanks. Are the stock steering servo just poor quality or have I just been unlucky? Thinking of upgrading, what servo to go for and is just one servo enough, any experience is...
  8. R

    HELP! need better servos!

    I am brand new to the gas powered 1/5 scale world. Well i'm new to the RC world period but, I have just acquired the Rampage MT and in desperate need of some new and improved steering servos. I tried to make the stock ones last but the left went twitchy and was fighting the right. so i took out...
  9. F

    i am in over my head..steering servo install help

    Hi and thanks... Per the forums recommendation (thank you ) , i installed ( probably wrong ) a hi tec Hs-805 mg steering servo..the rampage xb NOW steers left and right, but very slow and with difficulty and makes a CREAKING HUMMING BUZZING noise all the time. If i lift the xb off the ground...
  10. F

    Steering servo question

    thanks for taking the time and helping me out on this :-) is their a replacement steering servo for my rampage xb that does not cost an arm and a leg and will fit in the xb WITHOUT modifications OTHER THAN the stock redcat one...I got three runs out of it before it gave up and need to replace...
  11. I

    Need Servo Arm

    Hi, I just broke servo arm of Turnigy TGY-1270HV servo. It has 17 tooth and about 9mm shaft. Where to get such servo arm? Thanks
  12. 1

    Q. Battery for high voltage servos

    I just purchased all high voltage servos for my Rampage MT. Throttle: SV-0220MG Steering: Dual HS-5765MH Question: Am I better off with a 5000mah Nimh 6v or a 4200mah 2S Lipo? I need to buy a charger regardless. I know the servos will run a little bit slower with 6v, but any other things...
  13. 3

    Replacement Throttle\Brake Servo Options

    With a little over a gallon through my MT, my throttle servo decided to die out on me. Frustrated! Luckily I was just driving around slowly and wasnt gettin too carried away! The servo will extend to throttle, and wont retract. If I move it back by hand and pull the throttle it works but still...
  14. K

    Replacement servo for redcat MT V3

    Want to replace my stock dual steering servo with Hitec HS-805BB Mega Giant Scale Servo 1/5.. Are this servo fit on my MT and what modification do i needed? And this steering servo voltage would fit on my Speedpack 5100mAh / 6volts hump battery.... thanks for replying
  15. S

    steering servo setup?

    I have a four channel spectrum dx4r and was setting my Mt up on it I see the factory radio system uses a y connector for the dual servos. Which is best I've always thought it best to have separate channels for sub trim etc.. but am having some trouble getting it to work right. Any opinions or...
  16. C

    Servo saver

    Hi I have an xb and the servo saver adjuster(I think that's what its called) keeps self adjusting all the way to the top and then I turn like a tractor trailer why is this happening and how can I fix it thx.
  17. T


    I want to know which of this servo will work on my dunerunner HS-805BB or HS-5645MG and if they are direct fit or I need to mod anything.
  18. M

    new servo

    i just replace my throttle servo with a hi-tec hs645mg . i have a problem with it works the oppsite way, than the stock one i change it to rev but the fail safe goes on full throttle . any ideas
  19. R

    Futaba 3pl and hi tec servo questions

    hey guys i recently purchased a futaba 3pl radio and receiver and am wondering if i can still use the ramtech kill switch with it or do i need to get rid of it. my radio is a 4 channel and i am only using 2 but the 2 spares are not on/off but left or right and i also installed the hi-tech...
  20. M

    Left side steering servo burnt up? Please Help!

    Replaced both steering servos and throttle servo yesterday. Little bit of buzzing noise from throttle servo. Everything was going well until today. I set it on the ground started the truck, drove it out of the garage and down the driveway. Turned it left then right was driving it back to me and...