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  1. O

    Rampage mt single servo

    Hi I wanted to know what I need to have a single steering servo rampage mt instead of two, do I need extended servo arms? Servo mounts? Thank you!
  2. W

    Redcat Volcano Steering Problem

    Guys, I have a Redcat Volcano I’m trying to fix for my son. The steering barely moves when you turn the wheel on the control. The wheel itself is fine, rubber and all. The D/R knob makes no difference from 0-9. If I swap the throttle and steering plugs and channels, moving the throttle will...
  3. P

    Couple problems with new Rampage MT

    Hello Im new to this forum and Redcat MT PRO but Im not new to 5th scale gas vehicles. Ive had nothing but problems with this truck from stock tuned pipe braking, servos broke, roll cage broke, drive pins falling out (loctite), etc. Redcat has been sending me parts since I got the vehicle. this...
  4. Petrolheadz100

    How to tell what version Chimera i have??

    Is there any way to identify what version rampage chimera i have? I just purchased it less hen a month ago but online i see there are parts for different versions...any help will be appreciated
  5. C

    Please help! Just bought a Chimera

    It will run for a while then dies and will not start for a while. I checked the manifold and it looks perfect. It is all stock so i would like to do some upgradingas far as carb, pipe, and air filter. Would like to get all at once and would like to know what works well together. Thank you.
  6. O

    Rampage MT up in smoke

    Hey guys, My friend brought me his rampage to repair. He sais both servos did not work. I installed the battery and turned on truck. smoke started coming out around the steering servo. I didn't take it apart yet. Is this a common problem with the rampage?
  7. audiobranz

    My Rampage MT

    4 years old.
  8. moparpro

    My Rampage MT truck

    This truck I bought about 4 years ago. Still in awesome condition with a few hundred scratches. I love it.
  9. B

    Ramtech kill switch aka redcat kill switch

    I hooked the ramtech kill switch up to a OBR 30.5 Full mod.to the factory receiver and radio the only this I can get to do is if you turn the radio off it will apply the brake it will not kill the engine can anyone help me with this is there a solution to this I'm going to try my 3 channel Lansu...
  10. R

    Steering servo

    Hey guys, I just bought a metal gear steering servo from redcat. Part # 520199 ME. Have any of you had this one before did is it a good one? Cheers.
  11. Ecobeast

    Redcat Rampage XT-E Forum?

    I liked my Rampage MT v3 so much in the first few weeks that I just bought the wife a Rampage XT-E wanting to know if there is a forum that has info about 1/5 scale electric RC. I didn't know anything about rc untill I got on this forum. I've learned alot on here about my MT v3 already and a few...
  12. B

    Redcat wagon

    Am i the only one rocking the wagon around here? havnt seen any other bajas of this style is it really that ugly?!
  13. D

    the redcat mt v3

    ok to anyone who is thinking about buying this beast of a truck.....i have one and at the beginning i had starting issues....my issues are now gone...starts pretty easy now...but i had the tuned pipe from redcat on it...and now i recently bought a pipe from DDM...i bought the dominator pipe and...
  14. S

    Redcat MT Bearing Go to Guide

    So I snapped a rear Universal Drive Joint (050009) 1" down the shaft from the Diff and then lost the Pin in the front UDJ that goes into the hub. So it's time to upgrade, I've been reading around and started to realize that the MT isn't the upgrade happy truck that the smaller XB and XT are...
  15. D

    RedCat Dunerunner/Bajer Engine Mods

    Hello there I'm all the way from Sri lanka and I have been in the hobby for a qute long time now anyways I some how got my hands on a RedCat Dunerunner/HSP Bajer this is the newer model With the dual servos. I own a HPI baja 5B 26cc and a Traxxas E-revo running 6s but I should say I like this...
  16. D

    zenoah g320rc on redcat rampage mt

    hi there, i just purchased my new zenoah engine 32cc for my rampage mt, was wondering how does power compares to a stock rampage motor 32cc? also any advice on how to brake in the motor? thanks
  17. A

    Just a video of my old Redcat Rampage MT

    Very short but I do miss it.
  18. RampageHopUps

    Redcat Racing Announces V4 Monster Truck

    Alright folks, I spent the afternoon at Redcat Racing today discussing a new version of the Monster Truck. Now is your chance to tell Redcat what you want in a brand new design. Please help us make the greatest Large Scale Monster Truck on the planet by telling us what you want changed.
  19. C

    Redcat Rampage XT-E Hobbywing Max5, 5692 1000KV, 8S

    Here's my new Redcat Rampage XT-E with a Kershaw Designs motor mount, Leopard 5692 1000KV motor with 10t pinion (41 spur), Hobbywing Max5 200a ESC, 8s powered (two 4s lipos in series). I haven't run it yet, will start testing tonight :) Thanks for all the knowledgable people on...
  20. C

    Redcat Rampage XT-E (would like to make it wheelie)

    New owner here. I love the truck, but want to make this machine wheelie from a stop. Couple questions: 1. Will better Lipos (higher C rating) accomplish this with added punch and timing on the stock motor? I'm not sure what the factory pinion size it, but maybe a smaller pinion (one or two...