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  1. edl

    Futaba help

    I took my receiver battery out of my Rampage MT V3 to charge it, after charging complete I reinstalled it, turned on the radio (Futaba 4PLS) and throttle brake and steering where all reversed, radio batteries good, did I loose some memory somewhere, also the killer bee switch was beeping...
  2. B

    The best entry level radio for the Rampage MT

    I need a radio that will work with stock servos I was thinking about the $70 Futaba 3 channel cause I want to get the killer bee kill switch or will stock radio work with killer bee I just need a good setup for my rig alot of money in it if I need a radio hopefully not some thing easy to operate...
  3. edl

    transmitter upgrade

    Thinking of upgrading transmitter and receiver my 2 choices are Spektrum or Futaba 4 channel, do servos need to match or can you mix? I have a killer bee switch installed and heard some people say killer bee not compatible with Spektrum any thoughts? Thanks
  4. H

    Futaba 4PLS or 4PV

    I'm debating whether to order the older model Futaba 4PLS vs the new Futaba 4PV. Whats your guys thoughts? What would I be getting in the PV over the PLS? I would prefer the PV as it looks nicer...just not sure 100 bucks is worth the aesthetics. 4PLS: 164.00 (AMain) 4PV: 279.00 (AMain) Have...
  5. D

    Rampage MT receiver problems

    ok...im having receiver probs again...my battery pack is charged up...batteries in my radio are good...so whats a better receiver to put in the MT other than the stock one..i replaced it once already...its like 50ft or so from me and the steering an throttle don't work...have to walk towards it...