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  1. T

    How to increase ground clearance on Rampage XTE?

    HI; Have a new electric 1/5 monster coming soon. Oh, I'm a new guy, so HI! Anywho, question about ground clearance. I am wondering about how to go about raising the ground clearance on thee vehicle without inducing too much rolling. Anyone had success in upping the clearance for a higher...
  2. O

    Rampage MT up in smoke

    Hey guys, My friend brought me his rampage to repair. He sais both servos did not work. I installed the battery and turned on truck. smoke started coming out around the steering servo. I didn't take it apart yet. Is this a common problem with the rampage?
  3. audiobranz

    My Rampage MT

    4 years old.
  4. moparpro

    My Rampage MT truck

    This truck I bought about 4 years ago. Still in awesome condition with a few hundred scratches. I love it.