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  1. F

    Battery for Redcat Racing Review

    Review About Gens ace hardcase 5000mAh lipo 2S1P 50C/100C 7.4v lipo battery I've had this battery for a few weeks now and have used it daily. I can honestly say this battery straight up smokes the competition. I've been racing RC's for years now and have always stuck with Traxxas and Venom...
  2. X

    Stock MT receiver with Lipo battery?

    Wondering if the stock receiver and servos for Rampage MT V3 can take the voltage from a 2S Lipo 7.4? My stock 6V pack with 2.5A just give me 10 minutes of run time...
  3. J

    Battery question

    Why would @Killer RC use LiFE over LiPo?
  4. G-Man

    Using 7.4v. Lipo with flysky rx

    Hey Rampage MT guys. Do any of you use a Flysky it4s transmitter and receiver? I have one and want to use a 7.4v lipo to power the rx. Anybody use this setup? Seems my hitec steering servos don't like the 6v nimh hump pack. Thanks
  5. R

    can i use lipo pack with

    can i use a small 3000mah lipo pack to run my stock steering servo? or will it burn it up?
  6. designed2survive

    HS5645MG throttle servo and 7.4v Lipo

    Hi guys, I have a non High Voltage HS 5645MG throttle servo. What's the way around if I want to use it with the Killer RC 7.4v lipo rx battery? Thanks!
  7. I

    Lipo Receiver Pack

    Hi, I searched forum, but all pics is unavailable. Going to get KillerRc 6Kor 7K mah battery. Do they fit in MT receiver box? I have dual steering servo. Any pics ...
  8. S

    Calderda 10e lipo

    New to the eletric stuff. Always been nitro! Whats best lipo 2s or 3 s for this truck?
  9. B

    Anyone using a LiPo?

    Hi all, I realised that my Hitect steering servos can take 2cell LiPo batteries and that it can improve the overall performance. I was wondering if anyone is using a LiPo and if so what one and what's the procedure to get the electronics to accepting a LiPo instead of a NiMH? Thanks.
  10. J

    help re-wire caldera 10e esc to run 3s lipo?

    I need a step by step walk thru on how to re-wire caldera 10e esc to run a 3s lipo battery
  11. J

    Good lipo and nimh charger

    Hey guys I am looking for a new charger to charge my nimh battery pack on my MT. I figured this would be a good section to ask about a charger. Obviously the stock charger that comes with the MT is pretty slow so I am looking for one that will charge my battery pack much quicker. Also, I plan...
  12. S

    What Thunderpower lipo fits stock dual servo box

    Hi, I am researching Lipo batteries and I saw a few threads saying the Thunderpower lipo will fit Rampage Mt v3. Does anyone know which one? Thanks in advance!
  13. R

    Xb upgrade to use lipo battery for electronics.

    Has anyone upgraded from there stock battery to a lipo and if so did all the stock servos work fine with it and what battery did u use?
  14. R

    question about about a rx lipo

    can the stock servos run on a 2s 1300mah 7.4 15c pack? im useing a traxxas radio system and stock servos
  15. A

    lipo difference

    Are two 2s 5000ma in series the same as one 4s 5000 ma?
  16. A

    dead lipo

    I was given a 1/8 buggy... no esc [burnt] and 2 4000 3s lipo's lipo are at 1v and wont charge. Can they be saved? My charger just says error
  17. T

    swollen lipos

    hi i ran my xbe on its factory packs and when i took them out i noticed the case was separated and the pack had swelled up a bit but returned to its normal size .. i havent got my fire proof bags so i have them in my room .. which is the coldest in the house .. are there safe to try to recharge...
  18. G

    Lipo Temps

    Just a reminder to keep an eye on those lipos. I found a couple of the Redcat factory lipos extremely puffed from just being stored in a hot garage.
  19. J

    Receiver lipo question

    Just picked up an xt,and as you all know the nimh batt that's included isn't very powerful,I have a 2s 5000mah 40c lipo and was wanting to know if it would be safe to use as my receiver pack ? Didn't know if the amperage would be to much for the receiver,steering servo and t/b servo. Any help is...
  20. X

    Direct fit 8s lipo's?

    Dose anyone know of 8s lipo's that fit under the stock XBE body?