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  1. T

    Better Jetpro exhaust alternative?

    I have a rear jetpro for my Rampage MT, is there another pipe that gives more power that the jetpro pipe? I have the rest covered.
  2. GJB56

    Rear mount JetPro

    I just installed a rear mount JetPro pipe on my MT. I read a lot of good things on this forum but was still in awe of the performance boost. I hate to say 'too fast' on this forum so I will just leave it at OMG!!! But even more remarkable was my interaction with Dino. We had a couple of...
  3. talunceford

    JetPro pipe for Chimera

    Ok, first off, this is hands down probably the BEST money a person can spend on your truck, buggy or whatever. The top-end power gain is insane. Next to upgrading to an OBR engine, this is the first step to getting the REALY performance out of your engine. Don't skimp on buying the factory...
  4. C

    SOLD / FOUND Jetpro

    Looking for used jetpro exhaust for xb.
  5. GJB56

    Jetpro side vs rear mount

    Based on forum discussions I have decided on Jetpro for a tuned pipe. It seems pretty overwhelming that the side mount is the most popular. I am leaning toward the rear mount but would like to hear other opinions. Pros & cons of side mount vs rear mount on the MT. One con would be that you...
  6. W

    Engine suddently wont start after a JetPro pipe install any idea's?

    Hi All, Firstly thanks in advance for any advice you could give on the matter. I have a Chimera which I have only had maybe 2 3 tanks of fuel on. Its been as good as gold started perfect every time. However I installed a JetPro pipe on it and now it wont start. They provided a crummy...
  7. audiobranz

    jetpro exhaust

    I'm thinking of installing a jetpro exhaust but not sure of clearance I am in a wheelchair I am not strong enough to pull start my truck so I installed a killer rc drill start my problem with the JetPro exhaust is muffler Clarence is it going to clear my drill start?
  8. H

    JetPro Pipe fitment

    I Put a side mount Jetpro pipe on my XT last night and see that its resting on the rear shock tower brace. Will this cause issues with melting? JD
  9. B

    SOLD / FOUND WTB Jetpro Tuned Pipe for my XT

    I am looking for a jet pro or maybe any other aftermarket tuned pipe in good condition. Feel free to email me for a quicker response………[email protected]
  10. M

    SOLD / FOUND Jetpro side mount pipe

    Hello from Finland. I am looking for jetpro side pipe for rampage tt/awd. If someone has that kind of good undamaged pipe and want to sell it and can sent it to Finland, then I might be interested in an affordable price. I can order a new raw pipe for 169$ from Jetpro, but if there is more...
  11. R

    JetPro Pipe

    JetPro will have a pipe out within the next week or so. Took the image from another forum.
  12. S

    Jetpro Exhaust

    I am trying to install a side mount Jetpro exhaust on my MT and the screws to the engine are to long. Anyone have problems installing? Any recommendations? I'm a newbie so trying to figure this out as I go.
  13. S

    SOLD / FOUND Jetpro rear pipe for XB

    Ok I am looking for a jetpro rear pipe for the xb hit me up if anyone has one they want to part with.
  14. B

    Jetpro question

    I've been thinking it's time for a pipe and I'm considering a Jetpro rear tuned pipe. I've seen some pictures and I'm wondering if it hangs below the chassis or is it just the angle of the pic? And a pic of my XB. Cheers
  15. M

    SOLD / FOUND 30.5cc Fuelie HY and Sidemount Jetpro 250$

    Yep, Selling my stock 30.5cc Fuelie AND sidemount JETPRO. JUST broke in and ready to go! Very fast motor, but I bought a 36cc RAMtech motor, so this is for sale. This is a screamin deal.. Paypal from VERIFIED addresses only. 15$ shipped USPS Priority
  16. M

    How secure and stable is the jetpro rear pipe?

    I'm just wondering before I purchase. It looks like it just hangs. Does it connect to the chassis at all or does it just hang?
  17. G

    Jetpro or dom pipes ???

    Lookin to get rid of my cpi pipe on my MT V3 tired of it banging and moving after big jumps or bad landings so which is better and more secure for a rookie like me
  18. M

    SOLD / FOUND WTT Dominator pipe for higher rpm pipe like jetpro, cpi etc... for mt

    I have a good condition DDM Dominator pipe that i want to trade for a pipe that produces higher rpm. I have an obr 30.5 motor and I feel that I have enough lowend grunt. Let me know what you have. Thanx
  19. R

    Jetpro or ddm dom?

    Looking for good feedback on both pipes,thought I wanted the dom at first but now the jetpro seems like a better deal with the lifetime warranty.so is there any differance power wise? And I've seen vids of the dom and it sounds like a 2 stroke dirt bike does the jetpro sound as good or better...
  20. T

    jetpro side mount

    Just mounted my new jetpro pipe. Man wat a huge improvement.my only grip is it melted the rear tower brace on my xsc any suggestions? Would it be alrightto remove it and just run one brace or should i make some kind of custom brace?