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  1. WoodiE

    Contest FastEddyBearings Rampage Ball Bearing Kit Giveaway!

    Stock ball bearings in most stock RC's leave a lot to be desired. Lucky for us we have MUCH better bearings available thanks to FastEddyBearings! And lucky for YOU, @FastEddy is giving away a FREE Rampage ball bearing kit of your choice to one lucky winner! GIVEAWAY: Prizes! Any Redcat...
  2. WoodiE

    Contest GIVEAWAY: Killer RC Kill Switch & LiFe batt, 8,000 RPM Clutch, and Bearing Kit

    RedcatRampageForum.com, thanks to Killer RC and FastEddyBearings, is giving away a kill switch, LiFe battery, 8k RPM clutch, and a bearing kit which will be given away among FOUR lucky winners! GIVEAWAY: Prizes! Killer RC 2,300mAh LiFe TX/RX battery HPI 8,000 RPM Clutch! Redcat bearing kit of...
  3. P

    Team FastEddy wheel shims

    Has anyone used these? I was wondering if they would fit and fix this problem? I could not find the ID and OD anywhere for those shims...just the thickness of them. So I am not sure if those would be compatible with our trucks?...Rampage MT Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank...
  4. X

    fast eddy bearings??

    how good are they?? and for .99 cents each,,, any better than stock?? thought about getting them for the 7075rc hubs when i finally get them.. 8 bucks for bearings sounds cheap,,, cheap enough to get spares and all the other bearings for car..........
  5. R

    Team Fast Eddy Bearings

    What are the ABEC rating for the Team Fast Eddy Plate Bearing Kit and also the full set bearing kit? The Rampage Rally already comes with ABEC 5, so what are the rating for the Fast Eddy ones. Just a goggle and they stated ABEC 1 and up. So I'm speading money to down grade and go slower???
  6. H

    Fast Eddy Wheel Bearings

    I am going to need wheel bearings soon. I want to upgrade to fast eddy. I cant find a part #. The redcat manual says 24 X 12 X 6 but I assume it means 12 X 24 X 6. If its 12x24x6 thats the same size as 5b which is fast eddy 1204. So is there a fast edddy wheel bearing for the Ramp?