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dog bones

  1. M

    Rampage MT - Pin in rear dogbone

    I recently purchased my Rampage MT about a week and a half ago. After break in, my first hard run, the pin in the rear dog bone, didn’t just come it, it literally sheared in half. I went around all 4 tires and used blue loctite on all pines. I ran the car a second time and on one of the tires...
  2. B

    Snapping rear dog bones on my Rampage MT

    this is my 6th time snapping the bones,I heard about mcd bones but you need a special drive cup and they don't make it anymore,could I use the drive cup that meant for the xb only difference is the shape,and what dogbone would I need to put in it,mod doesn't make the evo2 bones anymore.thanks.