1. Impalassman

    Dunerunner chassis

    I ordered a new MT chassis and they sent a dunerunner instead anyone interested in a DR chassis new in the package.
  2. A

    Machined billet aluminum chassis

    Does anyone make a machined billet chassis
  3. A

    Chassis help

    Thinking about buying a rampage mt v3 any companies make chassis braces I heard the middle bends on the chassis
  4. D

    Aftermarket mt v3 chassis?

    Does anyone make an aftermarket chassis for the v3? Ive had problems with two now bending in the front where it gets thin. I know its from hard bashing and end over end flips. Looking for something a little stronger and a little better looking i guess.
  5. D

    Rampage mt Rear chassis braces

    Does anyone knows if they make Rear chassis braces for the Rampage mt?? i know they make the front one...but couldnt find the rear braces on redcat website....thanks
  6. talunceford

    Hardening up the chassis, drivetrain for OBR...

    So, I've decided to take the plunge and go with a full mod 34cc reed case OBR engine to stick into my Chimera. I've been in contact with Sean at OBR and he said that the chassis can stand one of the reed case G340 series engines if the chassis/drivetrain has been hardened. My question to...
  7. A

    Bent my chassis, make me a roll cage?

    Seen some wicked roll cages on here that bolt to the front showers and chassis and would love to buy one if someone sells them?
  8. I

    Chassis weight

    Do you know stock MT chassis weight?
  9. I

    Carbon Fiber chassis

    As I know, there is no carbon parts available for MT. Thinking to make chassis from 4mm Carbon Fiber. As I know stock chassis weight about 2.8lbs/1.27kg . Weight saving will be about 1.2lbs / 0.55kg What you think?
  10. S

    Losi dbxl chassis

    I'm thinking that a lot of people have problems with the dbxl chassis witch is really bad I would like to see how many of us are waiting for 7075 Rc to save us how many people are interested I know I need something better that the stock.
  11. K


    is the chassis on the mt slightly bent or straight in the front end ? mine seems bent upwards . Do they make a stronger chassis? and do they make a water proofed servo I can use for throttle/brake?
  12. J

    Any chance for a Dunerunner chassis out of 7075?

    The stock dunerunner chassis has a lot of flex. Any chance you could grace us with a beautiful 7075 DR chassis?
  13. B

    Problem with the servo .On 7075rc chassis.

    Hey , I recieved the chassis and loved it since I got it. There is something i can't figure out. The change you made so the servo is standing up instead of laying down is great . However after putting in the stands for the servo. None of my servos including the stock ones fit . So I had to...
  14. Phill

    HPI Chassis Width?

    Hi guys Can anyone that has an HPI Baja measure the chassis width at the widest point at the front just behind the front suspension for me please? Thanks in advance Phill
  15. R

    MT chassis supports

    Here are a couple of pics of how I mounted the supports using .035 chrome moly tubing
  16. P

    MT chassis bent...

    So I have run about 8+ tanks on my MT, which is all stock except for added outerwears. I've been taking it easy and getting used to the big guy. My favorite is gravel yards and loose dirt with some soft slopes for small jumps. Yesterday I found a nice construction site with gravel hills that...
  17. C

    Chassis only

    My buddy bent the stock chassis on his car. He has an electric EP Pro and needs a new chassis. Any idea on where to pick one up? He wants something the he can just bolt on without any modifications if possible. Thanks
  18. TheCount

    Spare chassis project.

    I have my old short DR chassis just sitting there. hhhhmmmmm i know i'll build a new car. Plan is to scratch build a complete MONSTER project over time as i can afford it. 1st purchase. The last 2 Alloy diffs my ebay guy has in stock.
  19. G

    Question about Rear Chassis Brace...

    was wondering if i put it back together right? pretty sure i did, just need second opinion. left side striped out so i just ordered hop up bellow.
  20. G

    chassis insert question

    First of all great to be back in the forum! It's been a while....but the chassis insert is intriguing me and my wallet. But I have a super dumb question, where does it go? I mean does it get installed between the chassis and diff or does it go on the bottom kinda like a skid plate??