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  1. G-Man

    Rampage MT-E Brushless

    What's up guys. I bought an electric MT roller. It had the Kershaw motor mount without electronics in it. I completely stripped it down and began rebuild. I put a Castle XLX esc and a 2028 motor, Futaba radio system, Hitec d845wp steering servo, and SMC 7400 mah 4s lipos, aluminum diff housings...
  2. JPark

    XB-E motor

    Hey guys....... I just got an XB-E a few weeks ago and have done some upgrades. I have a Max5 esc with 8s 120C lipo batteries with 11T pinion, stock 980kv motor and stock 41 spur. I placed an order with 7075RC for a motor mount, 44 and 48 spur gears. My question is, what size motor is everyone...
  3. W

    MT brushless conversion kit

    Howdy All, Is anyone aware of a conversion kit for the MT that isn’t from kershaw? Due to the unfortunate passing of Dan, it’s hard to say when they will have stock again, just wondering if there are any known alternatives. Thanks!
  4. R

    Project Blackout: Brushless Conversion

    Since seeing a few of these on YouTube, and with how much I like this truck in its petrol form I knew that I had to have one so I've bought all the major components over the last few months and decided to do a build thread to track my progress. So the plan is.... Take one of these...