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  1. Tvbest

    Redcat Rampage xB body

    Does anyone know where I can get a body for the rampage that isn't the solid red, blue, green? I really like the older bodies that looks like the body is tearing apart.
  2. Petrolheadz100

    Chimera camoflauge

    Stock painthob on the chimera got boring so i did a 20 minute makeover.......sometbing different for the eye
  3. T

    Rampage MT fenders?

    My rampage mt caught fire when grass got under the engine plastic does anybody make fenders or a higher frame to block out some of the debris? I have a screen over the pullstart too.
  4. Strait jacket

    I had it wrapped

  5. strodedawg

    Different bodies?

    Has anyone been able to find another body to fit the rally? with the 500mm wheelbase and 483mm width I have only seen one from grafil. any help would be appreciated
  6. moparpro

    Truck Body Prices

    What is up with the extremely high prices on Lexan bodies. A piece of plastic vacuum formed and some painted for $69.99 or clear for $69.99. Does not make sense . Horizon's Losi 5ive T body comes in parts and is $234.00. Get real. Why doesn't someone make this as after market and rake in the...
  7. tattooyou1

    Body painting

    Have anyone ever hydro dip a body if so please help it would be greatly appreciated can't afford to make too many mistakes thanks
  8. SmokinToad

    Rampage TT body on a Rampage MT

    i have a rampage mt v3 with some upgrades. Walbro 990, K&N air filter, velocity stack, prefilter, pullstart filter, dominator pipe, stern cnc belt drive, and Shock covers. Im looking for a TT body. i also want to know if the dunerunner wing mount is the same wing mount for the TT. Im not...
  9. edl

    Problems with body melting?

    anyone ever have any problems with the body melting or distorting from the exhaust on the MT
  10. M

    Charger body on the MT?

    a modified 1/8 scale charger, was wondering how it will look on the MT, any thoughts?
  11. M

    Dodge Charger Body for Rampage MT?

    Im experimenting with a 1/8 scale charger body, extending it the length of the 1/5 scale and was wondering if it looked rad or not....any thoughts?
  12. M

    Cutting the body to have access to the pull start, good idea or not??

    Im probably not the only one that does not like to have to keep taking the body off to start the truck, Im trying to think of a better solution...any ideas/tips? What about a buggy type body or something??
  13. GJB56

    Does running with the body on affect carb tune?

    I believe I have my carb tuned pretty good. I kill it on a WOT run and the plug is paper bag brown. When I put on the body it runs okay for a few minutes then starts to get sluggish before it just stops and won't start. I change the plug and run again without the body and she runs great. My...
  14. V


    I know that the redcats a 510mm wheel base. And every thing out there is 530-535mm. I have seen a FC body that says it will work with 510-353mm. Has any body tried them or know where bodies can be found?
  15. D

    Body shell options for Rampage MT?

    Anyone might know what bodies fit the MT besides the stock one. I'm looking for something to paint and maybe do a New Bright conversion also. Let me know what you think.
  16. C

    Xb body

    Is the any other options out there for the xb body than stock
  17. M

    Looking for short course body for Rampage MT

    Im looking for a good short course bogy for my rampage mt. Any suggestions????
  18. J

    Rally Xr Body

    Hey I got a rally xr and I absolutely love it and I wanna do a custom painted body. Is there a place I can find a clear body???
  19. M

    Anyone change color on the Mt body?

    Anyone experiment with different paint and paint color? I don't care for the dark blue with flames, thinking about using white or maybe a military humvee sand color.
  20. M

    Hummer Body available for the Redcat MT or XT?

    Anyone know if a Hummer body will work off of another brand and fit on the Redcat MT or XT (or is it XB?)