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  1. T

    Does anyone make a aluminum diff gear carrier for the Rampage MT?

    Hey, does anyone make a aluminum diff gear carrier for the Mt? I have the aluminum case. Second question the front went together perfect but the rear I can't get the gear mesh right in the aluminum housing does anyone remember what shims they used ? It rolls okay then hits a rough spot with all...
  2. Petrolheadz100

    Upgrade to aluminum hubs/carriers front

    Anyone know if the v1 aluminum hubs and steering mount as they call it will fit newer versions that arent V1? He plastic hub stock took a crap and lookong to upgrade
  3. J

    Rear aluminum hub carriers

    Hello everyone, I tore my MT down this weekend and rebuilt the front and rear with all aluminum Components. Front is all back together and I have the back 3/4 of the way done, the problem I’m having is I popped the rear inner and outter hub bearings out, but they do not pop back into the...
  4. hulkmaxx

    chimera aluminum upgrades?

    What aluminum upgrades do you guys recommend for the chimera? See alot of guys running aluminum arms. Don't want alot of bling just dependable parts.
  5. A

    Machined billet aluminum chassis

    Does anyone make a machined billet chassis
  6. F

    Aluminum shock mounts

    Can anybody explain to me how to mount the Aluminum shock mounts (part#710031) on an XBE? I thought they would replace the stock mounts on the lower a-arm but can't seem to figure out how to mount them. Thanks in advance!
  7. G-Man

    Rampage MT aluminum suspension parts good idea?

    I have been kicking around the idea of installing aluminum suspension parts in place of the OEM plastic. I have broken a few steering knuckles and steering links. I am wondering how the aluminum holds up and weather other parts break instead now that the aluminum is used.
  8. D

    Aluminum suspension arm holder

    Broke one of stock suspension arm holders. Want to get aluminum replacement. Do i need to get 2 one for front and one for back of diff housing? Also does package come with the correct pins or do i have to order diffrent ones
  9. H

    Aluminum Hitec servo horn needed for MT

    Hello all, I just joined. I need a pair of aluminum servo arms for my Hitec 755MG servos. I bought a Rampage MT used and it came with the 755MG but I discovered one of the plastic horns were stripped. I ordered the Redcat horns not realizing it wouldn't fit, I then ordered a aluminum Hitec 24t...
  10. L

    Rampage XB Aluminum Rear Wing Mount (710012)

    Just added this to Rampage XB-E, wondering if anyone else had the issues I had with them, out of the package. 1) The two phillips screwed in pieces that come attached from RedCat were reversed..No big deal, just 4 screws. Made me question my sanity for a minute until I realized they were just...
  11. B

    Steering mount A/B problem, please help - ALUMINUM

    Hi all, I have both of these: http://www.davesmotors.com/redcat-050005-aluminum_blue-color_steering-mount_l-r.html http://www.davesmotors.com/redcat-050006-aluminum_blue-color_steering-mount-b.html For those of you that have them too you'd know how they join together and a screw goes...
  12. S

    aluminum c hubs and knuckles don't work.

    Bought the aluminum c hubs and knuckles to get rid of some of the slop in the plastic parts. Had to go buy shorter bolts for the knuckles as the stock ones don't work. But the bolts thread into the knuckles and if tightened they bind up if loose the spin the bolts loose what's up ??
  13. D

    Upgrade Aluminum Gear Mount

    I hope this is money well spent :D
  14. I

    Aluminum Parts

    Hi, I want to upgrade MT with Aluminum parts, but as I red old post, aluminum parts was too sloppy on bearing. Has Redcat changed/fixed sloppy issue?
  15. I

    Aluminum Brake holder

    Hi, Looking for aluminum brake holder only, which is part of 054004. http://www.redcatracing.com/050004 My MT comes with Aluminum Gear Plate and Plastic brake holder. Redcat only sells aluminum version with Gear Plate. Do you know where to get aluminum brake holder only?
  16. C

    aluminum gear plate from rampageshop part#704568 got part #050004 ??

    so I ordered from rampagshop part # 704568 which is the aluminum gear plate for the XB, I was sent #050004. are they both the same, just with different part #?
  17. W

    Aluminum Suspension Arms

    I am an off road basher only. Can anyone advise if aluminum Suspension arms are a good or bad idea for my XB? I run a Gizmo RCMK 30.5 c full mod engine with a Jet Pro rear exhaust pipe. I have the original chassis, 7075 diferential housing (front and rear), 7075 C-hubs (front) and bearing...
  18. M

    Aluminum sleeve for Diff joint cup and Center joint cup

    Has anyone tried using an aluminum sleeve over the diff joint cup, center dog bone joint cup or axle CV joints on Rampage MT? I notice the pins get really loose inside and slide one way or the other on the dog bones. Was wondering if a small thin aluminum sleeve and some silicone or even heat...
  19. K

    Aluminum Suspension Arms

    I broke my rear upper arm and all that is holding it is krazy glue and tie strip lol I have all 4 upper aluminum arms came with truck my question is if I was to put upper arms on and leave plastic on the lower ones would it make the plastic parts and lower arms weaker? or should I order another...
  20. C

    aluminum diff case #050060 fot MT V3

    good mornin fellas got a little question for ya's I was thinkin about swapping out my plastic diff cases on my MT V3 with the aluminum diff cases # 050060 and was wondering if they are any better than the plastic diffs besides the bling factor and if there's any pros or cons about them...